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to support the local community and protect the nature

of Sri Lanka = Nature Volunteers Association

Nature Volunteers Association (NVA) is a non-profit NGO based in Aluthgama, Sri Lanka. In 2006 the organisation was founded and registered as Social Service in Sri Lanka - additionally to our environmental NGO "Nature Conservation Society" (NCS), which has been registered in 2005 already.


In our work we support especially those with less acceptance and chances like children and women from low income families, people in need – to change their life to the better. While projects are mainly financed with financial support of partner organisations and foundations, running costs, staff salaries and social care activities are covered through donations. However, the long term goal of our NGO is to become independent and sustainable - to be able to cover all expenditures through earnings, which are generated through the projects itself e.g the sale of sewed products from the Women’s Unit.   


Our mission is to create a healthy nature and local community, where all members have a life worth living: an environment where people care for each other, a nature lasting for the next generations to live in, a place where all women are respected and accepted and a save future for all children to grow up, develop and survive.


We want to inspire, aware, inform, amaze, move, give chances and heal to bring Sri Lanka's enviornment and humans - especially women and children - into a healthier and better future with care, respect and love for each other.  

Our Key Activities are:


In our Education Development Centre the students learn not just for school, but for a better furture.

Women Empowerment

Our Women's Unit provides vocational training and support for local women.

Social Care

People in need are mainly women, children and old-age people. Their support is a special part of NVA.

Nature Care

We try to conserve and protect Sri Lanka's nature with awareness, education and regular activities.


Basis of the NVA are international and local supporter, which help together for Sri Lanka - as Nature Volunteers.

Special Moments:

"Sannaliya" - Mobile vocational training unit for development in rural areas

The newest invention of the NVA is "Sannaliya" - a bus modified into a mobile education and vocational training centre. It is equipped with 8 sewing machines, multimedia projector, whiteboard, cutting table, generator, etc. 

The first training will start in June at 3 different places in rural areas - a sewing course for 3 month with about 70 women.


The project was possible thanks to the funding from Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken, BMZ and our partner organisation LOTUS international e.V., Germany the NVA.

Forum for Women Awareness and Empowerment


On 13th of June 2018 started the 2nd part of the special womens program of the NVA. Subjects like domestic violence and abuse, sexual education and protection as well as women empowerment.

We invited local autorities, women police, MOH doctor, local gramanalidari and womens organisations. Mrs. Mallika from FPA, Colombo was our speciallist for sexual awareness.

The program was funded by Nord-Süd-Brücken, BMZ and in cooperation with the Beruwala DS Office


Opening of the renovated hostel and new training center


On 7th of June six month of hard work at the HFC, Kaluthara could be successfully finished - with the reopening of the renovated hostel  well as a newly build and equipted vocational training centre for local girls and women. 

On the opening day the building was blessed by the father of the convent and the buddhist monk of the nearby temple. After the ceremony the guests visited the small exhibtion of the NVA and the first sewing class was stared.

Great work and a great day - thanks to the community of Eckardtheim in Germany, which have made this project possible.



Women's Day Program from NVA at Beruwala DS Office Auditorium from 6-8th of March 2018

Women's Day Program - 6. March 2018


The awareness of women, especially for sensitive subjects like violence, sexual health and diseases, women's rights, etc. is still very low. Often those are silent problems, no one is talking about.

Time for NVA to start a 3 day special awareness program on Womens Day 2018. The second part will be held in June at a forum in Beruwala to address those problems to local authority members and womens organisations.

The program was possible thanks to the great funding opportunity from Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken, BMZ and our partner organisation LOTUS international e.V., Germany.



You can support the projects of the NVA with a donation - directly to the NVA in Sri Lanka or to our partner organisation LOTUS international e.V. in Germany


Upcoming Events:

1. November 2017

New classes in German and English at RIU Hotel Ahungalle for staff members.

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