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The “Nature Volunteers Association (NVA)” was created from the main founders Chandralal Premakumara and his wife Andrea Launhardt in 2006 as a follow-up organisation to the firstly founded "Nature Conservation Society" (NCS) in 2005.


Since the beginning the NVA and NCS always worked together in projects. While the NCS focuses mainly on the environment and education, the NVA extends the range further –concerning also social care, women empowerment, cultural exchange, etc.


Their major milestones have been the building of the Education Centre in 2005 and the Women’s Unit in 2012 – the institutions where all programs of the NCS and NVA are implemented e.g language and IT classes as well as vocation training for women.


The five key activity areas are:

  • Education: Additional classes in English/German and IT for local children
  • Nature Conversation: Environmental awareness programmes and activities
  • Women Empowerment: Vocational training and social activities for women 
  • Social Care: Support of people in need, pre-schools and elders homes, etc.
  • Volunteering: Support from local and foreign volunteers to run the projects       of the NVA


Main part of the NVA itself is the contribution of local and international supporters, which are actively involved in the projects of the organisation. They are mainly students, trainees, volun-tourists, active and interested people of any kind - called the “Nature Volunteers”. More information about the “Nature Volunteers” are available under volunteering.

Our Projects & Milestones

The Founder

Chandralal Premakumara M.G.  (picture: right side)

In 2005 the NCS and 2006 the NVA was founded and Chandralal became chairman of both organisations. He made the Diploma in HRM (ICBT Campus) and has the MBA degree (UWIC Cardiff Metropolitan University) since 2012. Additionally he worked as project manager for an island-wide field survey in Sri Lanka, which has been conducted by a Consulting Company from France.


In his daily work he is responsible for the organisation, coordination and communication in Sri Lanka – for the organisation, education and women centre as well as for the volunteers. He is also involved in project planning and calculation, accounting and project management.


Andrea Launhardt  (picture: left side)

After A-level she studied Environmental Engineering (BTU, Cottbus) and finished her degree just after her volunteer work in Sri Lanka. Finally she changed her following research work in Germany with her voluntary work in Sri Lanka. Together with her husband Chandralal she cares about their local NGO’s NVA and NCS.   

In her daily work she is responsible for the international communication, proposal and report writing, website designing and updating, project planning, creation of posters/flyers and other material.  

Here YOU can find us:

Nature Volunteers Association

No.41, Devala Road,


12080 Aluthgama



+94 342273383 (office)

    +94 777665562 (office mobile)


Email: info(at)naturevolunteers.com

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