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Our work as a local NGO in Sri Lanka is widespread as there are still many problems to be solved or changed into better conditions – including the life of a poor family as well as the pile of rubbish along the river. As father and mother we care about our children and their future in Sri Lanka – so we do about our local community and with Mother Nature, which we love and respect. Through our education we understand and are aware of man-made problems and how to overcome them. But it is a long way to go - as many locals are not aware and behave in the same way people used to do 100 years ago - they just don’t know it better or have no other chance due to financial problems.


In the following chapters the key areas of the work of the NGOs are presented and briefly described.

Educational projects

Our main focus is on the successful education for local children and teenagers - to provide better knowledge and skills for their future. We provide English and German language classes as well as IT (NVQ level3) and Graphic Design (NVQ level4). After successful completion of the computer courses the children will receive a NVQ certificate, which is accepted in Sri Lanka and other counties.


Apart from the academic success the children are also being inspirated for their future by our teachers. Additional workshops e.g. about hardware and other courses like art have been done occasionally.

For more information visit the homepage of the EDC: www.edcaluthgama.com

Vocational training and Women's Empowerment

Besides children we also care about women in our projects - especially those from families with low income and with less chances on the job market like mothers and older women. In the EDC Women’s Unit we provide 6 month vocational courses free of charge: tailoring (NVQ level), wool knitting and batik. After successful theoretical and practical exam the women will get a certificate to prove their new skills and qualification. Now there are able to work in the production of the Women’s Unit, freelance or get a job to earn an additional income for their family. This opportunity increases their self-confidence and empowers them to work independently.

Environmental care and awareness program

An important part of the environmental work of the NVA is the awareness program – as locals are still not aware of the value of nature and environmental issues, which endanger humans and nature. The awareness programs are mainly conducted in schools or other institutions as children are more open to it than adults.

Environmental activities are always done as team work – together with teachers and students of the EDC, women of the Women’s Unit and Nature Volunteers. That way beach cleaning events and mangrove replanting programs are done regularly. Annually events like the World Environment Day are celebrated e.g. with tree donations to the EDC students or tree planting programs.

Social projects and Community work

Support for people in need as well as social institutions like pre-schools, orphanages disabled care centres and elders homes are the main part of the social care programs of the NVA. While projects for needy people and families are mainly financed through collective aid of donations, the institutions are frequently visited and supported with their daily work – together with the EDC staff, students and Nature Volunteers.

As often as possible the NVA organises free medical camps for the local community and delivers free (used) glasses to people with visual limitations, especially elders – who do not have the finances to afford them. 


Volunteers are an important part of the work of the NVA. They help the NGO in two ways - with their financial support to cover running costs as well as their helping hand concerning the success of the projects – with teaching, child care, environmental or social activities. Besides doing meaningful work with their support the community and nature, volunteers from foreign countries learn about the Sri Lankan culture and way of life, which give them a total new view and appreciation of their lives. It is a great cooperation, communication and respect for each other.

For more information visit our homepage: www.naturevolunteers.org

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